Certification Outline


This certification will test your knowledge of concepts related to Petrophysics in GVERSE GeoGraphix at an intermediate level. Successful candidates are required to demonstrate their ability by carrying out a qualitative log interpretation, identification of reservoirs and fluid contacts, determination of lithology, porosity, fluid types and saturations.
This certification includes the use of core GeoGraphix applications such as Project Explorer, GeoAtlas, WellBase, DepthRegistration, ZoneManager and GVERSE Petrophysics.

Success Criteria

Successful candidates are expected to have intermediary knowledge of GeoGraphix core applications and workflows required within the Petrophysics Domain. The learning outcomes will be based on the following curriculum:

  • Import, manage and map well data using WellBase and GeoAtlas
  • Import LAS, ASCII, or other formats of log curve data in GVERSE Petrophysics
  • Manage log curve data including curve mnemonics in GVERSE Petrophysics
  • Create and modify log displays including templates using GVERSE Petrophysics Log View
  • Depth register and digitize curves from raster images using DepthRegistration and in GVERSE Petrophysics log display
  • Adjust, QC and correct curve data using GVERSE Petrophysics tools
  • Import and display of various data types, including core and survey data
  • Pick, correlate, and display formation tops in GVERSE Petrophysics Log View
  • Identify zones of interest
  • Modifying formations using Strat Column Manager Tool
  • Merging and splicing curves, simple and complex depth shifting, and curve normalization
  • Editing, adjusting and correcting curve data in preparation for petrophysical modeling
  • Understand and using User Defined Equation to create custom equations
  • Use ZoneManager to save values and understand its interlinkage with UDE’s
  • Interpret porosity, water saturation, pay and other conventional petrophysical attributes using GVERSE Petrophysics models and cross-plots
  • Create single and multiple well interpretation reports using GVERSE Petrophysics Tools
  • Save and add ZoneManager data to GVERSE Petrophysics presentation template
  • Create multi-well zone summary reports in GVERSE Petrophysics
  • Export log curve data in LAS and text

  • Intermediate

Intended For
  • Geologists
  • Petrophysicists

Recommended Pre-Requisites/Exam Preparation
  • Previous experience with geoscience software or database will be helpful
  • Wide range of documents and how to videos available in our Knowledge Center
  • Passed the GeoGraphix Project and Data Management – Pre-Requisite Exam
  • Free/Paid Online Training recommended prior to taking exam:
    • Petrophysics Essentials with GVERSE Petrophysics:
      • Creating Curve and Well Data Displays in Petrophysics - Manual / Video
      • Picking Tops and Quality Controlling Curve Data in Petrophysics - Manual / Video
      • Log Analysis - Manual / Video
      • Creating Petrophysical Reports and Exporting Log Data - Manual / Video

Duration and Format
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Exam Format: Online (Virtual Machine-Paperspace), Workflow based & Multiple Choice (word doc)

What’s next?

Once you have passed this certification you can test your knowledge even further by taking the GeoGraphix Petrophysicist II (Advanced Level Certification).