Certification Outline


This certification will test your knowledge of concepts related to Geotechnology in GVERSE GeoGraphix at an intermediate level. Successful candidates are required to demonstrate their ability on how to manage the GeoGraphix Discovery and Discovery on OpenWorks environment so as to maximize system performance and efficiency and minimize system administration problems and user support issues. Including the installation of GVERSE GeoGraphix and Discovery on OpenWorks (DOW), managing the GeoGraphix environment, network management, working with GeoGraphix customer support, software update management, understanding Project Homes, and project management.
This certification includes the use of core GeoGraphix applications such as Project Explorer, GVERSE Geophysics and other modules.

Success Criteria

Successful candidates are expected to have intermediary knowledge of GeoGraphix core applications and workflows required within the Geotechnology Domain. The learning outcomes will be based on the following curriculum:

  • Simplify the installation process
  • Set up project servers
  • Optimize the GeoGraphix system configuration
  • Maximize system performance
  • Minimize data duplication and data loss
  • Increase understanding of the GeoGraphix project environment
  • Improve project and data management
  • Trouble shoot problems

  • Intermediate

Intended For
  • Geotechnologists
  • Software Application Administrators
  • Data Managers

Recommended Pre-Requisites/Exam Preparation
  • Previous experience with geoscience software or database will be helpful
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems including file management, application installation/removal, system services, and the system Registry.
  • Knowledge of basic Relational Database Management concepts.
  • Wide range of documents and how to videos available in our Knowledge Center
  • Passed the GeoGraphix Project and Data Management – Pre-Requisite Exam
  • Free/Paid Online Training recommended prior to taking exam:
    • GeoGraphix System Administration

Duration and Format
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Exam Format: Online (Virtual Machine-Paperspace), Workflow based & Multiple Choice (word doc)

What’s next?

Once you have passed this certification you can test your knowledge even further by taking the GVERSE GeoGraphix Geotechnologist II (Advanced Level Certification).