Certification Outline


This certification will test your knowledge of concepts related to Geophysicist in GVERSE GeoGraphix at an intermediate level. Successful candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to use 3D seismic interpretation techniques in structural plays, including the use of SynView and GVERSE Attributes for synthetic and attribute generation.
This certification includes the use of core GeoGraphix applications such as Project Explorer, GVERSE Geophysics and other modules.

Success Criteria

Successful candidates are expected to have intermediary knowledge of GeoGraphix core applications and workflows required within the Geology Domain. The learning outcomes will be based on the following curriculum:

  • Understand 3D seismic interpretation in structural plays
  • Pick faults and horizons on seismic section
  • Create synthetics, and correlate wells with seismic data
  • Understand and create velocity models, their usage and significance in seismic plays
  • Use seismic attributes in your interpretations and verify results
  • Convert horizons from time to depth domain
  • Correlate geophysical and geological models
  • Navigate through 3D visualization abilities of GVERSE Geophysics
  • Work with SynView and GVERSE Attributes for synthetic and attribute generation

  • Intermediate

Intended For
  • Geophysicists
  • Geologists

Recommended Pre-Requisites/Exam Preparation
  • Previous experience with geoscience software or database will be helpful
  • Wide range of documents and how to videos available in our Knowledge Center
  • Passed the GeoGraphix Project and Data Management – Pre-Requisite Exam
  • Free/Paid Online Training recommended prior to taking exam:
    • Getting Started with GVERSE Geophysics - Manual / Video
    • 3D Seismic (Structural) Interpretation using GVERSE Geophysics - Manual / Video

Duration and Format
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Exam Format: Online (Virtual Machine-Paperspace), Workflow based & Multiple Choice (word doc)

What’s next?

Once you have passed this certification you can test your knowledge even further by taking the GVERSE GeoGraphix Geophysicist II (Advanced Level Certification).