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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

So what is GVERSE® NOW and how does it help me?

In the 2023.2 release of GVERSE® GeoGraphix® a web-based launch platform for all GeoGraphix and GVERSE applications was added. GVERSE NOW is a step towards giving our customers instant access to GVERSE GeoGraphix support, documentation, white papers, training schedules, webinars, software downloads, Licenses and release/user group announcements. In future releases, we will continue to add more features. Our ultimate goal in building GVERSE NOW is to share entire range of our resources at your fingertips - so you get the support and information you need - when you need it. We have also integrated Halliburton's iEnergy portal into the launcher. iEnergy gives you access to in-depth discussions of industry standards and trends.

What can I do with Python APIs?
Python APIs allow you to work with all well data including log curves and directional surveys to update them programmatically, providing greater flexibility and automation capabilities.

Can I customize cross-section views?
Yes, the updates allow for greater customization of cross-section views, including the ability to adjust display parameters and add annotations.

How do I access the azimuthal curve visualization feature?
This feature can be accessed through the track attributes under curves display options.

How can I visualize log curves directly in WellBase?
Log curves can be visualized directly within WellBase using View log curves features which can be used to quickly analyze curve data after wells are imported in WellBase.

How can I group layers on my map?
You can easily group layers on your map by using layer management tools. These tools allow you to create groups, making it simpler to organize and manage your layers.

How can I control grid extents and spacing in a large AOI?
IsoMap provides enhanced control over grid extents and spacing, making it easier to manage and visualize data across large Areas of Interest (AOI).

Are you collecting information from behind my firewall using GVERSE NOW?
No. We do not collect any information through the use of cookies, tokens or other means.

What is Spotfire?
Spotfire is data analysis tool by TIBCO. The tool allows you to graphically analyse and manipulate your data.

How does Spotfire work?

GeoGraphix offers a built in connection with Spotfire, that is configured to allow users to visually see their data in Spotfire. Spotfire and GeoGraphix need to be installed on the same machine for the configuration to work.

Does GeoGraphix provide licensing for Spotfire?

Spotfire is a third party tool by TIBCO and the license can be purchased from TIBCO.

Can I store my projects on a network server?

Yes. While GeoGraphix runs very well in standalone mode on a single machine, most companies that have GeoGraphix; install it on a network server where their project data is also stored.

Can I store my project data on a NetApp filer or some other type of SAN storage?
Yes. The actual contents of the project can be stored on a network attached storage device that is physically separate from the machine where GeoGraphix is installed.

Where can I find information about upcoming GeoGraphix training classes?
Our global training schedule of upcoming GeoGraphix training classes can be found on our Trainings Portal

How can I contact GVERSE GeoGraphix Customer Support?
If you are not already registered with us, please click here to register for support. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email to set your password, and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to reach support analysts. You may contact support via email (support@gverse.com), or track your cases via Case Management option available.

How to request a new license File?
Log in to the support portal, and visit License Management Page.

Where can I find information about new features in GVERSE® GeoGraphix®?
Please refer to Release Notes page.

Can I request an evaluation license for a version of the software that I already have?
No. Customers are not allowed to evaluate the same version of the software that is already installed. If you are working on a short-duration project and need additional licenses you should contact your sales representative and ask them for a short-term rental quote.

Can I request an evaluation license for a newer version of the software than what I am currently running?
Yes. If you are interested in evaluating a newer version of the software than the one that you are currently running, you should contact your local sales representative so that you can be provided with a quote for a single evaluation license.

Supported Versions

What is the latest version of GeoGraphix®?
The latest version of GeoGraphix® is 2023.2.

What is the latest version of Discovery™ on OpenWorks®?
The latest version of DiscoveryTM on OpenWorks® is 2023.2 This version supports Landmark™ 's OpenWorks® 5000.10.6.03.

What version of Esri ArcGIS Runtime Engine does latest release of GeoGraphix support?
Any ESRI ArcGIS Runtime Engine from 10.2.x to 10.8.x (included in the 3rd party Installer).

How do I configure an ESRI ArcGIS license?
Go to the Start Menu and select All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator. Select Engine from the directory tree on the ArcGIS Administrator dialog and then the ArcGIS Engine (Single use) radio button. Click OK to save changes and exit the ArcGIS Administrator dialog.

Will GeoGraphix GeoAtlas run without ESRI RTE?
Yes. You will be able to launch GeoAtlas but you will not be able to use ESRI ArcGIS import options in GeoAtlas.

How do I know which version of the software I am running?
Launch GeoGraphix. From the ProjectExplorer menu select Help>>About Project Explorer. A dialog box will show the product version and build number.

How do I know when a new release or update requires a new license file?
There are 3 types of GeoGraphix releases:
  • Major release
  • Patch
  • Hot Fix
Typically a new license is required whenever there is a major release. Patches and hot fixes will not require a new license. If you are ever unsure about license requirements for a particular version of the software, please get in touch with us via email at cos@gverse.com.

Can I still receive support on products that are no longer sold?
Yes. Customers may receive support on older versions of GeoGraphix. In order to see what level of support is available for the different versions of the software, refer to the Supported Products Matrix.

I am running an older version of GeoGraphix. Do I need a new license to upgrade to the latest release?
Yes. All major releases require a new license file. Please go to the License Management page to request a license.

I have a license to run the latest release of the software. Is my license file backwards compatible?
Yes. Your license for the latest release of the software is backwards compatible.

Upgrading / Requesting a License or Bitlock
Is GeoGraphix licensing backwards compatible?
Yes. The GeoGraphix licensing is backwards compatible all the way to GeoGraphix 2013.0. You may have to check with your Account Manager, for any changes in license features.

Do I need to upgrade the LMKR License Management Tool for new version of GeoGraphix?
If you already have LMKR License Management Tool installed, you do not require to install the newer version, however it is recommended.

Are GeoGraphix projects backwards compatible?
Once upgraded to a newer version, GeoGraphix projects cannot be opened in an older version of the software.

How do I request a new license file?
To obtain a new license for GeoGraphix, click here.

Should I install the Third Party software before or after the main GeoGraphix release?
The contents of the Third Party software should be installed before installing GeoGraphix

Will my IT group need to reset Firewalls after upgrading to GeoGraphix ?
Depending on the version of GeoGraphix installed previously, it may be necessary to update the Firewall exceptions as the name and location of the program file for the GeoGraphix Database Service may have changed. Please contact GVERSE GeoGraphix Support for more details.

Will my IT group need to reset DCOM permissions so we can share projects after upgrade?
The procedures in the DCOM configuration document need to be performed on the project server after the GeoGraphix software is updated (even if this was already done after the original installation) to ensure that the users have the necessary permissions to access the projects. Reference documentation on the subject can be found on our support portal. Go to Knowledge Center > White Papers > Systems section.

How does one update USB dongle 9 series drivers?
The Sentinel device drivers for the USB dongle can be downloaded from the SafeNet website by clicking here . Scroll down and click on the "Sentinel Driver" link to download the installation program for the latest Sentinel Drivers (not the Sentinel Protection Installer). Download and then run the Sentinel System Driver Installer installation program (Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.8.exe). Sometimes it is necessary to install the HASP device drivers. HASP device drivers can be downloaded from the SafeNet website by clicking here .

Where does one go to update USB dongle 10 series drivers?
Go to the Start Menu and select All Programs > LMKR > Licensing > FlexId Dongle Driver to install the drivers for the USB dongle.

How do I verify which user has captured which GeoGraphix license?
From the ProjectExplorer menu bar, select Help > About ProjectExplorer to display the About ProjectExplorer dialog. Click License Information on the About ProjectExplorer dialog to display the License Information dialog. Expand the tree for each GeoGraphix feature to list down the individual user checking out these features.

What will happen if I download the software and find out that I don't have the correct license file?
If you install a version of the software which you are not licensed for then a message will appear on your screen when you try to launch the software. This message will state that the license file must be updated or you must obtain the proper version of the license file. If you are not able to obtain a new license file at this time, you must uninstall the software that you have just installed. Refer to the "How to Uninstall GeoGraphix" whitepaper for instructions on uninstalling GeoGraphix.

What do I need to do in order to upgrade to a newer version of the software?
When you are ready to upgrade to the latest version, fill out the license request form on the License Management page and indicate that you would like to upgrade. You can also send an email to cos@gverse.com for assistance.

Do the GVERSE® Tools require a new license file?
Yes, please contact your Account Manager to get more details.

Are GVERSE® Tools Integrated with GeoGraphix®?
Yes, GVERSE® tools are designed in a way to provide users a seamless environment between GeoGraphix® and GVERSE®.

What versions of Petrel* is GVERSE® Connect compatible with?
GVERSE® Connect is compatible with various versions of GeoGraphix® and Petrel*. Please refer to the Compatibility Matrix for GVERSE® Applications for more information.
*Mark of Schlumberger

Does GVERSE® Connect require a separate license?
Yes. GVERSE® Connect requires a new license.

Does GVERSE® Attributes require a separate license?
Yes. GVERSE® Attributes requires a new license.

Does GVERSE® WebSteering require a separate license?
Yes. GVERSE® WebSteering requires a new license.